A Technology Showcase or Product Demo?

By: Aaron Murphy
In a continued effort to earn potential clients trust and build ethical business relationships with our current clients we utilize our demo floor for monthly tech shows.  As a locally owned and operated company this gives our executive team the privilege to meet with people on a face to face basis rather than through an automated email or a phone call.  Ask yourself, of the companies you work with, have you ever personally met the President, COO, VP of Sales, or DSM?

Tech shows may seem to be of little value for many companies because  in today’s world you can Google the particular product or service that you are looking for. However, what you can’t do is learn about how that product or service will work seamlessly your  business environment based on your particular vertical market or industry. We look at these events not as a “come and see” event, but rather an opportunity to listen and learn. After we listen to your business needs or what you are trying to accomplish, we hit on each and every one of those issues in order to address your specific needs and then we discuss the possible solutions based on those particular needs or wants.  Our goal is not to inform you of your product capabilities but to inform you of everything the device can do to meet those particular business needs.

On the other hand a demo offers a different approach to a company’s needs, addressing particular points of emphasis or assisting with current needs i.e. upgrades, performance issues, network analysis, etc.  A qualified member of our staff will come in to meet with you on a personal level in order listen and discuss your needs and wants.  Although you will still get the same personal attention from a tech show standpoint, a demo is more relationship building as we are committed to you and only you.  You will not only leave with your questions having been addressed and answered but you will also leave asking, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” or “I wish I would’ve known that”.

Now your probably wondering, “What is the difference”?  The difference is that our executive team doesn’t have the privilege of meeting you. I have heard many excuses as to why a customer doesn’t have time but I try to make it a point to emphasis that there are approximately 40 hours in a week, roughly 2,400 minutes in a week,  and a demo lasts for about 30 minutes. Would 1.25% of your work week be worth learning about a managed print solution that could cut operating costs and increase your office efficiency associated with printing?