Can Managed Print Services Help Your Company?

Business-Woman-PointingBy: Bob Jones

For managers or CEO’s considering managed print services, switching to this eco-friendly and forward thinking print management option can be a somewhat challenging move. Budgets need to be considered, and for small to medium sized businesses it may seem like an unnecessarily expense to outsource a company to handle print auditing, printer and fax management as well as various other duties associated with managed print services. The following questions can be asked to determine whether a company will get the most benefit from MPS.

  • Will MPS help you save money in the long run to be a worthwhile investment?

The answer to this is a clear ‘yes’, according to print management experts. Research has shown that companies can save up to thirty percent each year through hiring of print services – with huge reductions in paper, ink and other printing resources. Each department can produce huge volumes of paper each day, and over the course of year this volume can reach epic proportions.

  • Can your current printer technology and equipment keep up with advancements in technology?

You might be able to update your printer software and equipment once a year, however, are you really sure that you are getting the latest technologies? Managed print services ensure that your equipment is constantly kept up to date, with the latest software and drivers ensuring compatibility and quality at all times – preventing problems, and ensuring that things operate smoothly and effectively.

  • Is your current print infrastructure sustainable and effective?

In general, a typical sized company will have a ratio of about three employees to every printer. While this may seem reasonable and time-effective, it puts a bigger demand on the infrastructure. Managed print services help companies find the most effective solutions, decreasing the ratio and educating employees and managers on the best way to reduce waste, print wisely and make effective use of resources within each department. This helps to reduce waste, save costs and also cut down on harmful emissions by saving paper drastically.

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