Color Printing Without Fear of Extra Costs

By: Tim Brasic

Many companies today are hesitant to add a color multifunctional printer or Copier tolady-holding-color-print their business because of the fear of the cost burden. What many consumers fail to realize is that they already have a color cost allocation spread throughout their company’s annual budget in some form. Most businesses’ assume that if they don’t have a centralized color device, then less people will be printing and copying in color, therefore saving them costs. It sounds good in theory and seems like it’s a way for executives to manage costs but the fact remains that color printing/copying is being done in some form.

Although this seems like a great way to manage costs, color printing in an environment is simply misunderstood because there is no control of color management. It’s simple, anytime a company has to outsource color prints they lose control of how quick and for what price they can get those documents on a need by need basis. Another fallacy of controlling color costs is by having a few color printers in an area and having the employees that need to print color documents have access to them. A lot of times consumers lose control of who is printing what and if it is really needed in color. The expenses add up and a true cost allocation of outsourcing color prints vs. having a centralized color device is never conducted.

So the question remains how can I add a centralized color device and not expect more color prints to be created? Well, the truth is that your color prints will increase because outsourcing will no longer be needed. The control is in the hands of the user. The second question is, how do I control a large group of employees from not printing color when it isn’t needed? The answer is by setting up user allowances or by doing an audit at the end of a month or quarter on how many color or black/white documents each employee printed and if it’s out of control then user or department limits can be set-up. It may sound like a burden to some, but in today’s economic times it is so important to manage every cost. It’s fairly simple. Each employee will have a 5 or 8 digit code that they input from the copier or from their print driver and each print/copy they do will be allocated into their total monthly results. Now, to take it a step further a user administrator can set-up color allowances for each employee or department. So, each month the Human Resource department will be allowed to produce 500 color documents and after that allowance is used they will have to either be reset or have more allocated to them by the Administrator.

I challenge you to take a deeper look into your color costs and determine if your current color document creation is the most cost efficient and productive scenario for your business. If so, at least you know that you are doing everything right and if not, it would be a great way to save money and productivity.

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