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Managed Print Services (MPS) has existed in some form for over 10 years. However, the focus of most of this effort –by vendors and customers—has been on “device-optimization” or “fleet-consolidation”. Very often customers and MPS providers find that even after this phase, actual print volumes have not materially changed, and conceivably could be higher, as end-users now have access to more efficient devices, color-capable MFPs and the like. The only way to achieve lasting change is through an effective “change-management” program that delivers results without impacting end-user productivity.

Printelligence™, is designed to understand and influence end-user print behavior, by implementing a defined process (see flow chart). In a nutshell, this is done by tracking attributes of the print job and the print queue, and then alerting the end-user when their print-behavior triggers pre-established rules.

6 Key points:

1. User-centric data capture: Printelligence’s proprietary software captures 80+ print attributes, before the print job actually prints. This includes attributes such as; user ID, application being printed (email, web pages, WORD, PowerPoint, etc), color vs. mono pages, device/queue name, and many others.

2. Page-Coverage Measurement: Ability to measure page-by-page coverage on a print job, before the page is printed. This information at a department, building or site level, is invaluable for MPS providers creating a cost-per-page price plan, previously based on industry-average estimates.

3. Flexible Rules-based Behavior-change model: This patent-pending capability enables IT administrators to design and deploy effective rules to educate, advise and control end-user print behavior, resulting in measurable and lasting improvements in print volume, cost, and green objectives.

4. Rules-testing on live data: Combining the capabilities of a live database with rules-definition, Printelligence users are able to quickly define and test alternative rules-sets for each Print Management Objective (eg. cost, usage, sustainability), against the account’s actual data…..not some overall industry-averages.

5. Flexible Reporting engine: With extensive reporting at user, workgroup, department and site levels, and data-mining capability, tracking progress towards print objectives is easy. Best practices can be easily identified and leveraged. Combined with your existing device-management reporting, you now have a complete 360-degree view of print.

6. IT-friendly deployment: Printelligence installs with no changes to existing print drivers and other print components, and requires no additional hardware of any kind. A light-weight client installs on either the print-server or both print-server and desktop, based on the intended use. Printelligence is designed as a hosted-service for ease of use, install, and rapid scalability. Users range from 50-person companies to Fortune 100 corporate giants.

Customers report achieving ROI of 45 days or less against hard cost savings. Additionally, the data itself becomes of immense value to manage the print environment on a continuous basis.

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