Green Initiatives and the Print Industry

By: Carolyn Bender

Recycling is becoming more and more important to businesses. Whether they are recycling paper or toners, everyone is trying to find ways to help the environment.  I’ve been asked many times by sales reps, “What type of recycling programs do we offer for our customers”?  In the world of copiers, it’s not just about offering toner recycling options; it’s about much more.  Understanding what your business partners are doing to ensure mutual success is a big factor in keeping your business on the right path.

Important Business Trends:

  • Toner and cartridge recycling programs. Offering options for businesses to return their used cartridges for free, back to the manufacturers or recycling facility, is key to providing good customer service.
  • Managed print service solutions. These programs help keep printing costs down by reducing a company’s total carbon footprint. They create an awareness of what a business is printing, how they are printing and the programs help employees print to the right type of equipment.  Managed print service solutions can even lower electrical bills and paper consumption!  Every company should be looking at these alternatives as a way to adding some extra cash to their bottom line.  Plus, you’ll even save a few trees along the way!
  • Electronic Documents – AHH…the paperless environment!  We all know that going completely paperless is next to impossible.  However finding a company that offers e-services such as e-invoicing and an online web portal to access information such as product information, and other normally printed documentation is an easy way to keep track of your records and will show a substantial impact on improving your businesses’ green initiatives.
  • Up to date office equipment – Review the electronic equipment being used; including computers, copiers, printers, and other large electricity hogs.  Look for the Energy Star logo on any equipment you have.  Understanding power consumption and the role it plays helps maintain a green workplace.
  • Filtered water productsThis trend is one that many businesses forget about.  Did you know that less than 20% of water bottles are recycled every year?  This is a great alternative to purchasing bottled water. Using your very own water line to filter fresh, clean water through to a water cooler for endless, tasty water it just plain smart!

Develop strong relationships with your business partners to ensure your organizations green objectives are met. Knowing these facts can lead to substantial savings and also keep your eco-friendly employees and customers happy!

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