How Secure is your Business’ Information?

By: Syed Wasey

security-lockOn a typical Monday morning, Sandy the CFO of a mid-sized and well known Social & Health Services provider in Chicago has a routine meeting with her staff to cover the weeks  financial priorities.  Usually, the agenda covers insurance claims, funding from the state & federal government, and other matters related to cash flow.  However, the agenda on this Monday was quite different.  The Executive Director asked that Sandy cancel her staff meeting and instead meet with him and another gentlemen who Sandy later learned was an attorney.

Sandy soon learned that the organization she had worked over 15 years supporting was under investigation and potential litigation for HIPAA & privacy violations, as 11 of their patient’s identities were stolen.  How could this happen? The organizations IT Department was able to confirm that the information was printed, but was not able to proactively stop it or notify the perpetrator, that it should not be printed.  Unfortunately, knowing after the fact, doesn’t count.

How did this happen? The organization employs many part-time and volunteer workers throughout its four locations.  Several of them printed documents that contained not just electronic health records, but also personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and social security numbers to open fraudulent credit card accounts at over a dozen on-line retailers.  How can this have been prevented?  Very simple….. Secure Print.

Most organizations perform a below average job in securing confidential documents and information.

What can you do to insure your organization isn’t caught by surprise:

Implementing a rules based printing environment…..

  • Lets you know who, where and when sensitive documents were printed
  • Significantly reduces the cost of litigation.
  • Block printing of certain documents i.e. financial.doc





Don’t let your business get caught by surprise.  Implementing a rules based printing program that has security rules will help you proactively monitor and protect your company’s confidential information.