How To Benefit from a Print Analysis

By: Tim Brasic

print-auditMany business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s and other decision makers in an organization often fail to look at the cost to operate and maintain their printing technology. When it comes to cutting costs, businesses usually cut back on employees and advertising. 1-3% of a business’s total revenues are spent on printing costs and often times it could be more. So, before you cut advertising costs and employees which can negatively affect your business; look for ways to cut costs by lowering your printing expenses.

One of the first questions I ask in an introductory appointment with a prospective client is, “How many devices do you have and how much do you spend on them a year?” If you are trying to answer this question right now and don’t have an answer, you are not alone. About 90% of the businesses I meet with don’t know either. Here is an example of how a print analysis helped another organization- and how it can help yours.

The Situation

1) 18 full-time office employees

2) Nearly every employee had a personal printer

3) Each desk was within 5 feet of one another

4) Current operating expenses/repair costs were unknown

5) A centralized copier was used only for creating copies

6) One fax machine was shared between all employees

My next question to them was simple, “If I can provide you with an analysis of how much each print costs per device, how much each device adds to your monthly electrical bill, and recommend a way not only to decrease operating costs (toner, repairs, electrical bill, parts) on these devices but offer a way to increase the productivity of each worker, do you think we can do business?” Their answer was quick, “Yes, but how would you be able to do that?”

The Solution

Using a device called a Print Audit key I was able to show them a monthly outlook of how much each device was printing/copying. I then broke down how much each device costs on a monthly basis by using historical data and comparing usage.

How does this help you?

  • With this data we are able to offer recommendations to consolidate and redeploy current devices, strategically place new technology in the areas that will best increase work flow and decrease costs, and eliminate the creation or replication of documents all through the use of scanning.
  • This analysis shows a comparison of your current costs and a recommendation on how implementing a different print environment can save your organization money and increase employee productivity.

These types of savings can not only save a company from cutting an employee and their salary but can also make you more productive and efficient than your competition. Remember being proactive and not reactive is a key to survival in the business world. Without change you will not take full advantage of what new technology can offer you.