Is Buying a Refurbished Copier Right for Your Business?

By: Carolyn O’Reilly

All businesses require some sort of printing device, whether it’s a printer, copier, MFP or other.   There are several factors that go along with deciding which device is best for your business including price, size, color/black & white, speed, networking capabilities…the list goes on and on!

Most, if not all, businesses want the biggest bang for their buck and that’s where refurbished equipment comes in to play.  A refurbished device makes a lot of sense in many organizations, small or large.  Here are a few points to consider if you aren’t sure if refurbished is right for you.

  •  Are you a start-up organization or an organization that needs something larger but don’t have the funds for a new machine?  With a refurbished device, you are able to get a high-volume machine at a substantially lower cost than buying new; and buying refurbished doesn’t mean you are buying old. If you research correctly and buy from a reliable dealer, you can get a really great, “like new” machine.  Keep reading to learn more about that!
  • Are you planning on growing your business over the next several years?  Instead of buying new and purchasing a small machine that “works for you for now”  due to budgetary constraints, you are able to get a machine that is faster,  has the right technology (print, scan, fax, etc) capabilities, and even has a lower cost per page that can grow with your organization as it expands.  This will keep your office running more efficiently and you and your employees happier!
  • Are you looking to purchase “green”?  With a refurbished device you can have all the luxuries of a new machine at a lower cost.  Plus, you are keeping a perfectly good device from being placed into the landfills before its true end-of-life, which saves the environment from unnecessary waste.

With all this being said, there are a lot of dealers that sell refurbished equipment.  In order to get a refurbished device that is dependable and that’s going to last, you need to verify you are buying from a reliable dealer.  Make sure you understand what that means.

  • Refurbished equipment isn’t just a facelift.  A reliable dealer will put the machine through a thorough inspection to ensure it’s performing at its best.  They will examine all aspects of the equipment and repair or replace any part that isn’t working properly.  If done correctly, by the end of the inspection, you’ll be getting a machine that you can feel confident will works properly and will be in “like new” condition.
  •  Make sure you find out about the warranty.  Reliable dealers will always have a warranty on refurbished devices.  This can be a 1-3 month warranty or even a 1 year even exchange warranty.  If they don’t have a warranty of some kind, don’t use them!
  • Check out the dealer’s service department and what their service includes or doesn’t include.  Ask them to provide you with awards or documentation about their service.  It’s important to find a dealer with a certified service department (whether you are buying refurbished or new!)

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a refurbished device.  If you believe refurbished equipment is right for you, just be sure to do the proper research to find the right machine at the right price, from a reliable dealer so that you are getting the best bang for your buck for years to come.

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  1. Wholeheartedly agree with Carolyn. Dont buy without a warranty, look for the equipments service history, and even request a six month money-back if not entirely satisfied with the equipment!!