Lexmark Education Station Offers Full Solution


One Device, Many Solutions

By: Tim Brasic

Ah, the joys of testing! Students study for days only to find themselves facing another “standardized form”. Scantrons are used most often to test, score and gather data; that has in many cases become a requirement due to NCLB (No Child Left Behind) standards. The scantron process was a great tool to help eliminate time for teachers and get the reports back to the students in a timely manner.  However, as many of you are aware, these forms are costly and time consuming.

Core Print Solutions is pleased to announce that we have “partnered” with Lexmark to not only deliver the Lexmark products to market, but also make “Education Station” products a key ingredient in the offerings that we present to school customers and prospects.

What is “Education Station” and how does it work?

Simply put, it’s a software based solution that can be added to any Lexmark Multi-Functional machine that will allow you not only to print, scan, copy, and fax, but most importantly it allows you to grade student tests all within minutes. This information proves incredibly valuable in establishing classroom plans and curriculum.   The Lexmark “Education Station” will not only allow you to increase workflow efficiency but will also help you cut operational costs.

4 key applications that go with the “Education Station”


  • Print Bubble Sheets – Print tests for 15, 30, 60 or 100 questions on demand
  • Instant Grading Module – Grades tests and creates statistics within seconds which will ultimately help a teacher determine if they need to develop a more effective teaching method to relay the content which helps address overall classroom comprehension.
  • Scans-to-Classroom – Instantly send documents anywhere in the school
  • Prints Forms on DemandPrint electronic documents that have been “bookmarked” on the MFP.

With the reduced cost, timeliness of data and a real time ability to adjust your classroom to fit the needs of your student population, it is believed that the quality of materials and delivery will lead to increased test scores and may lead to additional funding for programs.

Please contact a representative to learn how we can reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of delivering information to you students. No risk, no obligation.

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