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Lexmark’s Accessibility Speech Solution

The unemployment rate in the blind community is extraordinarily high, as high as 75 percent by some estimates. Lexmark is committed to developing solutions that help all of our customers, including those that are disabled, become more productive and independent in the workplace.

Traditionally, printers and MFPs have only displayed the status of the device on the operator panel. For a user with a visual impairment, these messages may be difficult or impossible to read. These messages typically display information related to low toner levels, missing paper trays and other conditions that require a user or administrator to intervene.

With the Lexmark Accessibility Speech solution, the device will play a recorded audio file related to that same condition. The user simply presses the * and 0 keys in sequence, and then hears the audio message via the on-board speaker. Default messages have been created by Lexmark, and can be fully customized for each user if desired.