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Lexmark’s Unison Toner: Years in the making

Lexmark not only announced new products this week, but also a completely new toner and print systems named Unison Toner. All of the new mono and color devices use Lexmark’s most advanced toner formulation, Unison Toner. Lexmark is taking a holistic approach to marketing the multi-piece print delivery system, which includes the Unison Toner, imaging unit and fuser.

“This is the most significant monochrome toner change we have made in 10 years, and the team worked nearly five years developing this offering,” said Lorin Polley, general manager, Boulder operations and technology. “This new toner is proprietary to Lexmark, and many of the great new features and benefits of these new devices are a result of Unison’s unique formulation.”

The Unison Toner is optimized for Lexmark’s newest printer architectures, which separate the toner and imaging components. By separating these components and utilizing Unison Toner, the usable life of each component is maximized, improving performance in many ways, to include cost, sustainability, reliability, print quality, and speed. Unison Toner, working with the new architecture, features a shake-free design, meaning no user action is required to achieve maximum yield performance and overall interventions are reduced.

The toner development teams tested hundreds of formulations as well as worked closely with the hardware development teams to ensure this toner provided the highest performance. Unison Toner has the lowest percentage waste of any Lexmark toner ever developed, improving overall efficiency, maximizing life of both the device and imaging components.

Unison Toner reduces our overall carbon footprint by reducing waste, fusing energy and maximizing component life.

“Unison Toner is a result of Lexmark driving for the highest performing technology while addressing key customer requirements,” said David Reid, a member of the supplies marketing team. “We are unique in the marketplace with Unison Toner as a key piece of our overall technology offering.”

Watch the video below to see the Unison Toner in action.


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