Most Reliable Printer Brand of 2015: Samsung.

We spend a huge portion of our time using electronic devices, from computers to printers. Usually, we don’t appreciate their existence until they break down—and they happen to break down at the most inconvenient times. Unreliable products can cause a hassle for customers, and if they are used for work, any downtime can cause significant damage to a business.

Reliability is one of the key buying factors when it comes to printers. Reliable printers not only result in higher customer satisfaction levels but also help dealers and their engineers save service costs.

To address this issue, Samsung has been putting in extra effort to ensure its printers’ reliability. As a result, Samsung recently received positive test results and awards from customer associations, industry experts, and official product testing organizations, demonstrating that Samsung printers are reliable and meet stakeholders’ expectations.


Customer’s Favorite: Samsung Laser Printers WinWhich? Awards 2015


First and foremost, gaining trust and recognition that a product is worth paying for is one of the most difficult yet important problems for a brand. Recently, Samsung has received recognition from Which? Magazine, a UK Consumer’s Association publication that aims to help customers make confident and informed decisions on purchasing reliable products.

Samsung was featured as the “Best Printer Brand 2015” and “Most Reliable Printer Brand 2015” in Which? December 2015 issue. The responses from 10,497 Which?members showed that Samsung laser printers got the highest reliability score with the lowest number of defects during 6 years of ownership. Also, Samsung printers got the highest customer rating, which is determined by the owner’s overall satisfaction and their likelihood of recommending the product to their friends and family.

These two scores and a high score from Which?’s own laboratory test led Samsung to receive the Best Printer Brand Award for 2015.

samsung printer reliability graphSource: “Best Computing Brands 2015”, Which? December 2015

Testing the Limits: Industry Analysts’s Samsung Million-page Test

Samsung multifunction printers are also getting industry experts’ attention for their high performance and reliability. Industry Analysts’s Andy Slawetsky, a leading analyst in the print industry, is testing five of Samsung’s multifunction printers to see with his own eyes if they are truly reliable as advertised. He is printing/copying a million pages and scanning a million pages with Samsung’s devices.

After finishing the printing/copying test for the MultiXpress K7600GX, Andy claimed that it was “probably the most reliable machine [he’s] tested.” The K7600GX passed the 800,000-page print/copy mark without any non-scheduled service, and finished printing/copying a million pages with only one paper jam. The K7600GX scan test was also completed successfully, with only one service call at the 800,000-page mark to replace the document handler’s roller. Andy added that most users will never get to such a point of wearing down the roller.

These tests confirmed the fast speed and accuracy of Samsung’s printers and literally demonstrated the reliability of Samsung’s products.

Buyers Laboratory Confirms Samsung Printers’ Reliability

Not only did customers and industry experts evaluate Samsung printers as highly reliable, the imaging industry’s authoritative organization—Buyers Laboratory (BLI)—confirmed through strict and thorough lab tests that Samsung devices stand out in terms of image quality, speed, and most importantly, reliability.

BLI tested Samsung’s devices and recognized Samsung’s “highly reliable MFPs with top-notch print output” for both monochrome and color multifunction printers. Particularly, Samsung won BLI’s Monochrome Printer/MFP Line of the Year award three times since 2012, and numerous individual products have won BLI Pick Awards and Outstanding Achievement Awards.

Moreover, Buyers Laboratory also did a booklet-making test on Samsung’s MultiXpress 7 series. The published results indicate that the Samsung MultiXpress X7400, X7500, K7400, and K7500 went above their rated speeds when printing or copying booklets by over 100%. All of them were faster than the competitive average.

Samsung creates all of its printers with businesses’ needs in mind, and in the name of being a reliable business partner, it will continue to develop new products that meet the highest standard of reliability.


Source: Samsung