Ricoh Pro C7100/C7110X SERIES

Ricoh Pro C7100/C7110X SERIES

Maximum productivity for high volume environments

“Can we do this job? More importantly, can we do it for that price?” As print jobs become more complex with tighter deadlines, you’re not the only one asking yourself these questions. But you can be among the first to answer them confidently. Choose the RICOH® Pro C7100S/Pro C7100SX/Pro C7110S/Pro C7110SX series of Multifunction Color Production Systems or RICOH® Pro C7100/Pro C7100X/Pro C7110/Pro C7110X series of Color Production Printers that can finish more types of print jobs in less time, which can cost less and use fewer resources. Keep more jobs in-house by taking advantage of intuitive controls, innovative five-color printing and incredible versatility. Handle more profitable on-demand, variable data print (VDP) jobs. And, move information to the right audiences at the right times in the formats they prefer.

• Produce up to 90 color pages per minute for faster transitions between jobs

Use the 5th color station to offer more types of output at a lower price point

• Create images with up to 1200 x 4800 dpi resolution to impress customers

• Print on more media, including traditional paper products, synthetics, envelopes, textures and more

• Share information quickly with advanced scanning capabilities

• Use it as a primary device or as part of a Ricoh Managed Document Services (MDS) strategy to reduce costs





Turn custom work into everyday work with a fifth station

When it comes to your production printing, you can’t have too many color capabilities. For your advanced jobs, there’s the RICOH Pro C7100/C7110X Series.

With its powerful variable data printing system — and a price that works even for small and midsize print providers — you can effectively capture, manage and transform all of your information.

Check every item on your print wish list

Growing your business in a competitive industry is tough. Many consumers think print is all the same, and buy on the lowest price. But with the Pro C7100/C7110X Series, you can get superb quality at an equally superb cost. Available in four- or five-station printer and multi-function printer (MFP) models, the Pro C7100/C7110X Series can help you set yourself apart — which can, in turn, attract new work and increase revenue.

  • Compete for jobs that involve clear or white toner.
  • Start or expand a print on-demand service.
  • Personalize or customize materials.
  • Dazzle customers with 1,200×4,800 near-offset image quality.
  • Print oversize pieces for signage, window clings and more.
  • Let creativity rule with media that ranges from tree-based to synthetics to envelopes to heavily textured, up to 360 gsm.
  • Expand offerings with inline finishing — booklet maker, punching, saddle stitch and more.

Sell and produce profitable jobs

Some vendors install and run, and you’re on your own to price and market new services. Not Ricoh — you invest in us, we’ll invest in you.

Because the system is so easy to use, you can save time, which can add a few more digits to the bottom line. After we leave, you can still take advantage of marketing tips, tutorials, and other resources through Ricoh Business Booster.

Print on heavily textured stock


Improve coverage and appearance on textured surfaces. The AC transfer system and elastic fusing belt attract toner to the image transfer belt, transferring more toner to the media and improving image quality.

Achieve professional results

Produce highly profitable and in-demand jobs, including VDP, direct mail, brochures and business cards, with superior image quality and precise registration.

Gain total command over job processing and advanced color matching capabilities with the powerful external Fiery E-41A Controller.

  • Produce sharp images with solid-color fills. Ricoh’s patented PxP oil-less toners utilize smaller, uniformly sized particles that adhere to thick stocks, coated papers and textured media.
  • Attain razor-sharp text, smoother graphics and accurate image reproduction at the highest resolution available – 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Achieve precise front-to-back registration on double-sided documents with every print. VCSEL Technology identifies paper expansion and contraction and aligns the image for finite adjustments while Mechanical Paper Registration corrects paper skew.
  • Produce consistent, reliable color at a low cost per page. Parallel Calibration Technology automatically detects any fluctuation in image density and recalibrates in real-time.

Benefit from complete end-to-end production

Choose from a variety of in-line finishing and paper tray options designed to match your applications and document volume.

  • Reach your highest levels of productivity with a maximum paper capacity of 7,000 sheets pulled from six different media pick points.
  • Meet the diverse and unique requests of today’s most demanding customers with best-in-class media flexibility including textured specialty stocks, synthetic materials, coated stocks, thin and thick stocks, labels and more.
  • Print on a wide range of paper sizes and stocks from envelopes to 13” x 19” sheets for true 12” x 18” full-bleed production and customized applications.
  • Choose from a variety of in-line finishing capabilities that match your applications and reduce labor costs. Options include a Dual-Source Cover Interposer, Multi-fold Unit, Ring Binder Unit, Saddle Stitch Booklet Finisher, Staple Finisher, Production Booklet Finisher and GBC Pro Punch Unit.


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