How the Financial Industry Benefits From Print Management

A recent survey report by the American Bankers Association and TowerGroup, reveals that U.S. financial institutions technology investments are trending away from short-term cost reduction toward more strategic investments aimed at increasing returns. Survey participants identified their Image/Document Management investment among the top 3 priorities.

Ask Yourself the following questions:

    1. How quickly can your tellers or customer service representatives pull up specific documents containing client information?


  1. Have you investigated a more cost efficient and productive method to produce pre-printed forms for monthly statements to your customers?

Managed Print Services has helped many finanical organizations signifcantly reduce the cost and environmental impact of ineffective printing habits. By implementing a “rules-based” printing program you are able to:

  • Quickly identify your important customer document with little hassle.
  • Block printing of certain documents.
  • Reduces overall printing costs, because you are in control.

With our customized solutions, we can converts scanned paper documents into electronic files and route them to any destination via custom workflows created right from a desktop computer.

Key Benefits

    • Increase return on investment (ROI) from networked MFPs by facilitating scanning, as well as reducing or eliminating manual paper processes
    • Provides a seamless way to share and collaborate using paper documents as easily as with electronic documents
    • Conversion of paper documents into digital files saves time, physical storage space and improves the flow of information
    • Enhances information security and supports compliance policies by controlling and securing documents with encryption and password protection
    • Routing scanned documents as electronic files to reduce and/or eliminate the cost of courier services
  • Eliminate lost documents by making scanned paper documents searchable on the desktop and within ECM (Electronic Content Management) systems
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