Social Services and Community Organizations

social services

  • Ross Imaging provides social services and community organizations a better understanding of their printing and imaging environment. By looking at some of the areas of inefficiency in your organization, we are able to provide a unique solution to help reduce total cost of ownership.

    Key Benefits:

      • Reduce Overhead Expenses related to printing—a category that consumes 1-3% of annual revenues.
      • Reduce the Number of Payables with one invoice for printing equipment, supplies, and service.
      • Leverage Your Existing Investment in currently deployed printers.
      • Consolidate Vendors by looking at printing and copying as similar functions in your business.
      • Go Green by using recycled printer cartridges, consuming less energy and managing print usage.
      • Streamline Business Processes by integrating paper into digital workflows with scanning and Digital Sending technologies.
      • Enhance Security with familiar systems that integrate with your existing infrastructure.
    • Increase Employee Productivity with productive office systems.

    Example Of How Organizations Benefit From Our Print Management Solutions

  • Created 30% Savings
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Assets
  • Single-Source Contract
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