Samsung’s Printing Solutions by Industry

Though the printing market is stable and on its way to continued growth, what it needs more of is solution specialization by vertical market. In this vein, the Samsung study included analysis of printing workflows and general work environment characteristics by vertical market, showing what kind of solutions each vertical market needed most.

I. Legal Workflow Characteristics

Law firms, with their frequent and large volumes of printing and scanning, depend heavily on their multifunction printers. By law, they are required to keep both hard and soft copies of all legal documents for a minimum of three years, so both scanning and distribution/storage are crucial to the workflow of the office.

A Solution for Automated Document Processing

Law firms can benefit from a document scanning and routing solution that creates a seamless and automated infrastructure for document handling processes. It enables office workers to capture, process, and distribute documents in an assembly line fashion, minimizing repetitive administrative tasks.

One-touch Scanning to Distribution

With SmarThru™ Workflow Lite’s Auto Distribution feature, you can assign a server folder to any document before scanning it so that the document can be sorted automatically into that folder after being scanned.

zoneZone OCR & Barcode Recognition

As long as your documents are labeled by type with text (for instance, “invoice” or “contract”) or barcodes, you can have SmarThru™ Workflow Lite scan these “zones” and automatically send the documents where they belong.

II. Insurance Workflow Characteristics

Because they handle clients’ personal information, insurance companies prioritize security. Protecting their clients’ information is part of the work, so they need security features that protect documents at every stage of processing.

A Solution for Document Security

This is a secure document output solution that raises print security to the same level of security as a company’s overall IT infrastructure.

Secure Log-in

SecuThru™ Lite 2 offers a variety of secure log-in options, including ID card, ID/password, and PIN. With these options, you can ensure that only authorized users have access to the company’s printers.

secure releaseSecure Authentication and Release

You can protect any print job with secure authentication and release. After you send the print job, you would need to securely log-in to the printer system, select your print job, and print.

III. University Usage Characteristics

The most important need for universities is a system that unifies devices across campus and makes printing easy for all users, including students, staff, and administrative offices. With the sheer number of users depending on printers for various document handling needs, fleet management is of utmost priority.

A Solution for Fleet Management

This fleet management solution for IT administrators will prove useful in a university setting. With its multi-site and multi-server management capabilities, it allows centralized management for a seamless operation across campus.

Device Management and Monitoring

Fleet Admin Pro allows IT administrators to configure and monitor an entire fleet of printers from a centralized location. Simultaneous configuration of settings and firmware updates are possible for multiple devices. In addition, with the profile monitoring capability, device configurations are automatically restored to the original administrator-approved settings upon detection of any changes.

Multi-site and Multi-server Management

Multiple campuses, let alone one campus, can be managed by Fleet Admin Pro. The print fleet for a campus using one server can be managed with Site Manager, which can be embedded inside a printer or PC for server-less, multi-site printer management of up to 5,000 devices. Multi-server can cover up to three servers to manage up to 30,000 devices.

Samsung Printing Solutions’s overarching goal is to provide unique solutions for vertical markets, always meeting customers’ needs. With more inquiries into vertical market infrastructures and general printing solution trends, it aims to provide even smarter solutions.

Source: Samsung Printing Solution

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