Schools Learn Value of Document Management

By Dave Schleyer

file stack

Did you know government regulations such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act mandate that school systems retain all records for students, including correspondence and transcripts almost indefinitely, while assuring student privacy? Schools need to make these records accessible to students or parents upon request. However, such extensive record retention and accessibility puts a manpower and space burden on schools.

Many educational institutions are learning how document management solutions can help them not only comply with regulations, but also how they can serve their student body more efficiently and cut administrative costs. Converting student records to electronic format frees administrative staff time and vital real estate allowing schools to convert storage space to offices or classrooms. Some student files contain volumes of pages with each file growing as a student progresses through the school system. These files require routine review by teachers, principals, administrators, among others. How does your school handle document work-flow?

To find out how your school can benefit from a document management system, just contact your education experts.