Data Storage Solutions

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    Taking the step towards a paperless office environment is a big decision that requires answers to some important questions. How can you be sure your documents will be scanned accurately and in full? Who will be handling them? Where will your digital documents be stored? How much will it cost?

    • Your file access security can be customized.
    • You can grant file access to multiple users.
    • You will have remote access to your files.
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  • Are you tired of inefficiencies created by haphazard filing methods? Are you wasting hours on filing and retrieval of documents? It’s time to get organized by moving your office toward a paperless environment.

    • Our customized electronic filing system will mimic your current filing system.
    • Our ongoing maintenance services help keep your office paperless after conversion.
    • We offer consulting services for document management to answer your questions and keep you organized.
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  • It’s time to securely protect your documents, free up wasted office and storage space, and increase office efficiencies.

    • We convert your paper documents to digital files using state-of-the-art scanning technology and software.
    • We use proprietary scanning processes to ensure that all documents are scanned properly.
    • We provide a detailed inventory of your files.


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