Managed Print Services

Ross Imaging is Wisconsin’s leader in Document Management. Since becoming part of the document management industry in 1961 we have provided a variety of businesses across a range of industries with tailored print management services. With output devices such as printers and copiers making up for roughly 3% of annual revenue it has become increasingly important for business to understand the importance of a quality print management service solution and understand how to implement one.

Along with saving your company time & money, our print management services include quality supplies and hardware support ensuring that your office will be running at peak efficiency. By implementing one of our tailored print management services you can retake control of your printing costs and better manage your printing and copying demands.

Once your customized analysis is completed, Ross Imaging locates the underutilized and inefficient office equipment by breaking down the costs associated with each device. This helps optimize device placement by eliminating any unnecessary equipment which will, in turn, improve document and workflow productivity. Our print management services also help in determining when purchasing a new or refurbished office device would be most beneficial to further maximize office efficiency.

At Ross our print management services will not only give you a greater deal of accuracy in budgeting and forecasting your print demands, but also the ability to keep your office running smoothly.

This is a leasing program which allows you to bundle office equipment, service and supplies as a cost effective solution. You’ll receive only one monthly invoice for the equipment and a specified number of images/prints. The only additional cost is for excess images/prints above the specified monthly amount.

Digital Solutions™
This is a leasing program that allows you to buy a “block” of copies for all your MFP’s and finance it over the term of your equipment lease. It eliminates the charge for spikes in usage by allowing you to use as many or as few copies each month from the “block” at any given time. Any unused copies at the end of your lease term will be credited towards a new contract with ROSS Imaging. 
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