Smart UX Center, Enriching Your Printing Experience

The most peculiar feature of the Samsung MultiXpress Series is perhaps the Smart UX Center, an Android-based color touch screen control panel. Since the product line’s launch in 2014, the smart tablet has been the most talked-about feature due to its intuitive user interface, if not only because it’s attached to the printer, something never before seen in the industry. General users now had on their printers the same UI they use on their smartphones and tablets; the rich lineup of apps and widgets made tasks normally done at the computer like document editing possible right at the printer.

So how can IT administrators leverage this easy-to-use and customizable tool to optimize printing for office employees? Let’s take a look at the ways the Smart UX Center can be used to its full effect for greater usability, enhanced security, and easy troubleshooting.

A Navigable Home Screen

Samsung Printing Solutions_Smart UX Center2

Smart UX Center_1_Home-Screen

Hold down any widget or app and move it to rearrange the icons on the home screen. You can also add one-touch Scan and Copy widgets to the home screen to provide users with shortcuts to routine tasks. As for that Toner Status widget and Smart Service app your coworkers hardly use? Just hide them in the app drawer, and you’ll know where to find them when you need them.

Once you customize the home screen, you can ensure that it stays that way by locking it. Only the designated administrator can change the home screen settings.

Trusted Gatekeeper

Samsung Printing Solutions_Smart UX Center3
Smart UX Center_2_Security

Private boxes can be set up for each user or groups of users with restricted access to keep personal files or team files safe. Even if access to the Smart UX Center is unrestricted, these boxes will only be accessible to designated users with their assigned passwords.

You might also want to advise your coworkers to remove files they no longer need in the Downloads folder since such shared folders are accessible by everyone. Such notices or user guidelines can be easily pinned on the home screen using the memo widget.

DIY Troubleshooting

Samsung Printing Solutions_Smart UX Center4Smart UX Center_4_Smart Service App

Launch the Smart Service app to play video tutorials. The app diagnoses the error for you and shows you how to fix it. Now you can handle minor issues like paper jams and toner replacement yourself so your office can print worry-free.

If your job is to make devices easy to use for everyone in the office, our job is to provide you with the tools to do just that. With just a bit of know-how, you can let the Smart UX Center take care of printing for you and your colleagues.

Source: Samsung Printing Solution

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