Spend Money to Save Money

money_treeBy: Garrett Prenovost

There’s no hiding the fact that we have all felt the effects of the struggling market over the past couple years.  More often than not, we fear that we are handcuffed and have to proceed with the assets we have. The fact is, in most cases this only appears to be a viable option. In the long run, if you want your business to succeed you have to be willing to spend money to make money.

Companies who refuse to adapt and grow will undoubtedly struggle. In the print market itself there are several different ways that a new piece of equipment may have a positive outcome rather than sticking with the current means of operation. In an industry study they have found that a company spends anywhere from 3-5% of the companies top line revenue on their print costs. That may not sound like much, but think of what you would do if you had some extra money laying around that you didn’t plan on having. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1.) How much money do you spend on paper and toner?

2.) How many out dated forms do you have in file cabinets that just take up space? How much electricity do you use on office products that you may not need to?

3.) How valuable is your time?

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the indirect costs associated with doing business that you may not have thought about:

  • Think of the time and storage space you are using. Now, what if all your documents were electronically stored and available at the tips of your fingers, rather than in have a room full of file cabinets?  It takes little effort to scan and archive all your old files and rid yourself of the wall of storage cabinets.  Plus, you can find everything with the touch of a button, using your computer, rather than searching through all those files.
  • Setting up Print on Demand and Auto-Duplexing as a standard.  This allows half the paper usage and employees won’t print drafts they don’t need, saving you a substantial amount on consumables.
  • What if you had a system in place that would send your employees print jobs to the most cost effective device and gives you the power to control what and where they print.
  • Imagine if instead of 15 printers you could have two MFP’s that are energy star compliant – simply put, less over head and less energy use!

Your time and money is extremely valuable. At Core Print Solutions we will work with you to implement the best solutions for you office needs in order to maintain and efficient work environment.