Spring Clean Your Office with Advanced Document Management

At long last, spring is here (for those in the Northern Hemisphere!). The weather is beginning to warm up, flowers are starting to bloom and everything feels fresh and new again. It’s time to open the windows, let in some air and give everything—including your office—a thorough tidy up.

In fact, this is the perfect time of the year to make a few changes around your workspace, to reorganize, clear out the old and put a new focus on efficiency.

Is your desk piled up with months of paperwork? Are you having a hard time finding some of your most important files? A good spring clean can help you get your office firmly under control. And the good news is that Samsung Printing Solutions offers an array of document management and digitizing solutions that can help.


Tidying up Your Files

Even in the digital age, paper is still a major part of office life. Make sure your papers do not pile up and that your documents stay organized. Taking the time to make sure your files are up-to-date and easy to access can really pay off in the long run.

After all, if you can’t find the right file when you want it, you might miss out on important business opportunities.

One way to sort your paperwork is to arrange files on the basis of how often you think you will need to access them. Documents that you use all the time could be kept near your desk for ease of access, while items you use less often can be put into filing cabinets. Papers that you rarely touch can go into your archives.

Make sure your indices and labels are kept current, too, as this will prevent key documents from going missing.


Get Organized, Go Digital

One of the best ways to eliminate excess paper from your office and keep your files under control is to digitize your work as much as possible.

And with Samsung’s Scan and Send app, it’s easier than ever to manage your documents. Scan and Send allows users to send scanned files to multiple destinations, whether they be email addresses, USB sticks, FTP locations, faxes or computers.


Samsung Printing Solutions_Scan and Send App

You can also use the app to edit your scanned documents, modify color and greyscale settings, erase edges, adjust backgrounds and more.

In addition, you can preview images and documents before sending them to your destinations, and verify that all your documents have been saved and transmitted just as you need them.


Take to the Clouds

For maximum flexibility, your office can also take advantage of Samsung’s secure and flexible cloud printing services, such as Samsung Cloud Print.

This service allows office staff to print on the go, without the complications of using central servers. Wherever you are, you can retrieve your files and print them with Cloud Print, ensuring that you’ll always have fast access to your records. After all, there is little point in spring cleaning if you later cannot find the documents you have cleaned up.


Samsung Printing Solutions_Security

Samsung Printing also makes sure that your documents are all properly secured, with end-to-end security systems.

The Smart UX Center has all the security of the Android UI, updated regularly by Google, as well as system separation, which ensures the Smart UX Center cannot access the main platform.

What is more, the Samsung security network means your networks, documents, data and users are all afforded high levels of security. Not only is your data tidied and organized, you can also rest assured in the knowledge that your safety is guaranteed. 

Whether you are reorganizing your files, digitizing your documents or moving to the cloud, springtime is the right time for Samsung Printing Solutions to help you clean up your office. After all, an efficient, well-maintained office is always in season.