Three Ways to Save on Printing Costs

save-moneyBy: Susan Zugaj

We all know a completely paperless office is still far from reality, but there are many ways to cut costs in the office when it comes to paper.  These tips are eco-friendly, easier on your filing system, and great ways to save money! Here are three simple tips from BNET:

  1. Get a duplex printer The oldest trick in the book is printing on both sides of a sheet of paper, which effectively halves your overall output. But actually doing so is a hassle (which side goes up? which end goes in first?) unless you have a duplex printer.
  2. Print to PDF Instead of printing and faxing (or mailing) a document, “print” a PDF and e-mail it instead. In the past we’ve explored many ways to turn documents into PDFs; check ‘em out if you’re not sure how to proceed.
  3. Sign documents electronically When a document needs your signature, that usually means printing it out, signing it, and then returning it to sender. To save paper, start by digitizing your signature, then adding it to your PDFs.

Want to know more? Check out these software solutions that can be customized depending on industry specific needs. Happy printing!