Top Four Reasons To Lease A Copier

By: Erica Neie

It is almost a necessity that every business has an office copier and/or a document management solution. Leasing can make it easier for you to acquire, manage and control your assets. When you choose to lease, your company will enjoy many valuable benefits.

HP_opier1. Protection Against Advancing Technology

Leasing enables you to stay on top of technological advances with minimal financial impact and to stay ahead of your competitors. You can add-on or upgrade your equipment anytime during the lease term if your company’s needs change. Different end of lease options are available so you can choose to return or purchase the equipment.

2. Predictable, Low Payments

Leasing allows your company to pay over time, rather than having to invest a lump sum upfront. Lease payments are tailored to budget levels or revenue streams and may be tax deductible.

3. Flexible Pay Structures

Leasing provides flexibility that purchasing does not offer, including: 100% financing with no money down, payment structures that match cash flows or business cycles and a variety of end-of-term lease options.

4. Ability to Bundle Costs

Leasing offers you the ability to finance hardware, software and services into one transaction. The convenience of one-stop shopping offers an immediate, affordable way for you to meet your business needs.

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