Top Reasons to Use LinkedIn for B2B

Most people use LinkedIn to stay in contact with coworkers, colleagues, make a sale or form a partnership. Over the past several years this online network has seen more than 9 million professionals become part of this community that is continuously growing. With more than 160 different industries present within this network, LinkedIn has become one of the top networking sites for professionals world wide. However, in many ways LinkedIn is still under-utilized, and should be looked at as a very valuable resource. We did some research and compiled a short list on ways to increase the value of LinkedIn for you and your business.

1.Publicize Yourself

This is extremely important for those individuals or businesses who are looking to generate traffic or simply increase their presence within a particular industry. By adding valuable connections, you increase the likelihood that people will not only view your profile but may be interested in doing business with you or your company. A good suggestion for businesses on LinkedIn is to place the URL of your company’s website within your profile; this allows your company’s site to be accessed more readily and helps increase site traffic.

2. Improve your Image

To capture the full potential of LinkedIn, it is important to understand that it is not enough to just reach out to people in hopes of getting them to be a part of your network or to join your group. When people view a profile they are generally looking for information about that particular business or person,such as their previous experiences, years in an industry, or business capabilities in order to identify whether or not you are a relevant contact or connection. With your profile filled out correctly, along with a picture to promote yourself, you can maximize the views of your profile and the number of relevant connections within your network.

“People with more than twenty connections are thirty-four times more likely to be approached with a job opportunity than people with less than five.

3. Promote your Blog

It is vital to know that you can also promote a blog or business website through your LinkedIn profile and do so effectively. There are various applications out there but the best one (in our opinion) for promoting your blog is called WordPress. Although this is known as a Content Management System it is also referenced as an application with LinkedIn. This type of application allows your blog to run in real time on your LinkedIn profile. So when you post a blog article, it will automatically appear on your LinkedIn profile for all your connections to view. It would be wise to make sure that your blog content is current, interesting, and optimized for the web. This helps catch your viewers attention and could ultimately lead to an increase in traffic and could uncover potential business opportunities as well.

4. Learn about certain industries

If you’re thinking of working within a certain market or sector, LinkedIn is a great tool for identifying market segments whether niche or broad. The search fields within LinkedIn are very easy to use and return great results. With LinkedIn you have the opportunity to search for people or business within a specific industry or certain groups to help you make educated decisions about contacts or future business ventures. These search features allow users to effectively obtain the results they want without having to sift through large quantities of results.

5. Analytics

LinkedIn, if utilized appropriately can be a very effective marketing tool. LinkedIn allows its users to identify who has visited their profile over a particular date range giving some great insight in determining or identifying potential business opportunities. Although this tool is free on a limited basis, LinkedIn offers a paid service that gives you greater insight and more detailed information about the users who view your profile. Along with being able to identify who has been viewing your profile, LinkedIn is referenced as a “referring” site within Google Analytics.  When running a SEO campaign or just using Google Analytics as an analysis tool, you can see how much traffic has been directed to your site specifically from LinkedIn which is a great help when gauging marketing efforts.

LinkedIn, like many of the other notable Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter, has changed the way businesses network and promote themselves. With an increase in connections between friends, co-workers, or individuals within the same business field or varying fields you can achieve many goals. Today’s businesses want to generate traffic to their sites and increase conversions. With a properly constructed LinkedIn profile you can  increase your connections and drive relevant traffic to your site, which could lead to an increase in conversions, opportunities, and ultimately more business.


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