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What can Color do for you?

Regardless that the “digital” world is upon us, including marketing through social networks, e-newsletters and website building for optimal use, color is being printed, distributed, managed & utilized in the everyday office and organizations in every sector.

Color Increases:
• Visibility
• Increased Retention
• Enhances Reader Impact
• Collaterals Easier to Read
• Grabs Attention Faster Than Black/White
• Color Sells!

Color prints are very important, particularly in commonly used marketing materials such as the brochures, flyers, and posters. With the advanced technologies used today, most companies are able to use full color flyers for their advertising needs. Compared with single or even two-color advertising, companies find that full color printing is a powerful tool to attract potential clients. Add to that creative graphic design and compelling content, and companies are provided with a stellar advertising product. People are simply better at remembering advertisements that catch their interests. This is achieved not only using creativity and color, but also in printing quality. Full color printing is very important for achieving a highly effective and productive output when your copies or color flyers are distributed. Even brochures and posters will maximize their efficacy when designed with full color prints.

According to current studies, people have a greater tendency to remember words, text, graphics, and images that are printed in full color. In addition to that, most people subconsciously judge people, environment, and matters according to color. This is why some people who produce reports, presentations, and samples often use highlights or colored text and images in order to catch the attention of their audience and make a mark on their memory. The same applies with color flyers and brochures used for business marketing and advertising. Almost 50% of company forms and documents are multi-colored. Examples for these are color postcards, custom envelopes, color business cards, graphic design projects, door hangers, custom magnets, and headers.

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