What is Personal Paperless Document Manager?

By: Glenn Moore

One of the biggest challenges with document processes is the incompatibility of paper documents, PDFs and files across multiple applications like Microsoft® Office. The Personal Paperless Document Manager (PPDM) from RICOH® solves this problem, integrating seamlessly with Ricoh multifunction products (MFPs) to capture, combine, convert and share documents regardless of the original format. This is just one of the many document management programs.

In this digital era, now more than ever, businesses need to consider software when making office equipment purchasing decisions.

5 Reasons You Need Document Management Software

  • To create PDF’s from any Microsoft document with a simple right click on the document
  • To scan documents in as PDF’s and convert them on the fly to word documents for easy edit.  Then resave them as PDF’s.
  • Scan or open an Excel document saved as a PDF, convert it back and then utilize all of the capabilities and formulas inherent in the original Excel file.
  • Scan forms and with the “Forms” feature, you can save those forms with “Writable” spaces on the forms for completion allowing the customer to email those forms out to their employees and clients, have them fill out the forms (you can only write on the predetermined lines) and have them saved and returned via email.
  • For sheer fun! Scan in a 50+ page document, have it saved as a wave file and have it stored either in your mp3 or i-Tunes folder for you to play back and have it read to you.  (Seriously, this feature was actually created for Section #508 compliance for employees with disabilities as this will enable a visually impaired individual to listen to and edit a document through headset and microphone.

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  1. In today’s business market electronic document management system is hot cake. There is no need paper. It is also time and energy saving. Here is no fear for misplacing of file. It can easily manage any huge database. This topic analyze us how it is necessary in today’s business world.