Where is that Document?

Document Management solutions now have the ability to deal with large volumes of documents with the addition of assisted or automatic filing capabilities. A Document Management solutions can now learn where a user files a certain email or document, and the next time a similar item arises, the Document Management solutions automatically asks the user if he or she wants to file it in the same folder. This ability can be an advantage, especially in large legal departments that generate a great deal of information because filing these documents is likely not high on the attorneys’ priority lists. Like much of the rest of the world, mobility may be the single biggest trend in document management in business today.

DocumentMall by Ricoh is the document management service that will transform the way you manage your business. This is because DocumentMall is the only intelligent document management system that helps your business sync, link and think and with ability to access information anywhere, particularly through iPhones and iPads.

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Source: Inside Counsel, DocumentMall

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