Why Should You Consider Managed Print Services?

toshiba-demoBy: Shelley Brady

Paperless offices, Print Management Services, document management. These terms are thrown around quite often lately; but what do they really mean? Let’s dig into one software solution called Re-Rite to better understand why software is now involved in  the purchase of many office copiers.


Help cut ownership costs, enhance productivity and reduce energy consumption. Managed Print Services will allow professionals to work with your business in designing, implementing and also assisting with the set-up of your imaging and printing infrastructure. All solutions are tailored to your specific business requirements.


Let’s explore one MPS solution called Re-Rite. This software service program allows users to convert paper documents into editable file formats and then distribute those files to a shared network folder, an email address or both.

Other Capabilities:

  • Automatic Optical Character Recognition
  • Convert scanned images to any of 17 common file formats automatically
  • Converted images can be sent to network drives, email or FTP sites
  • Single-license multiple user software
  • Simple to use with Toshiba MFP template system

By using Re-Rite you are able to convert your hardcopy documents and/or incoming facsimile messages automatically and route them to where they are needed, automatically. Contact a representative today for more information on how Re-Rite or other managed print services can help your organization.

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